January 13, 2010

Reading to young children is one of the best uses of your time. When children experience a reading session, they are often more inspired to not only be read to, but to take on reading as their own experience. Reading to young children, especially as a volunteer or parent, you can change the way a child looks at reading forever.

When children enter elementary school, many teachers offer reading time, where the children sit in a circle and listen to a story. This reading time often encourages other young children from higher grades to start coming in to read to the younger children. These programs have successfully inspired other peer tutoring and reading programs within schools. However, when an adult takes time out of their life to volunteer to start reading to young children, the impact is even more profound. Many young children aspire to be like the adults and older kids in their life, and they learn more than vocabulary when they are read to. Reading to a group of young children not only lets them know that they are important enough to be given time, but that they are worth the attention. Thereby, simply by reading to a group of young children you can inspire their own reading skills, inspire them to value an education, and additionally inspire them to want to grow up and reach out to other people. It’s truly an amazing gift. If you can’t donate the time to for reading to young children in the classroom, make some time to read to them during play time at home. The difference is phenomenal.


Books on shelves

January 10, 2010

People have libraries at home and there are numbers of shelves there and hundreds of books there. Actually the quantity of those depends on a person and on those people who read those. but, still there are a lot of people who have such libraries at home. They are proud about such libraries and they like people being stroked with those. But, if you try to take at least one book of that shelve and read it you may see that pages of this book have never been read. People collect books but they never read those. There are a few of those people who really read books they have at home and a few of those who buy books because they really need those. In most cases people just need that library to show they are intelligent and so on. It is the best form of polarity for intelligence because people who have a need for show are people of no taste and they are not intelligent at all. If you ask such a person what this book is about he or she will barely give you the answer, or this answer will be a retail of annotation on the back of the book.

Books are about…

January 10, 2010

…everything and it is the very truth about all those books we read and have already read. Books are about everything and that why people adore those. They can find there anything they need and anything they want and all they have to do is to read one. There are different writers and they are of different genres. There are people who prefer fantasy and those who prefer novels and so on and so forth. Indeed, it is not the book o genre a person chooses when choosing a book; it is the most understandable form of expressions people choose. See, there is always a special idea or sever special ideas hidden behind those words author uses to tell the story. And there are words common for people of one character and completely foreign for people of another character. And that is why people prefer different genres and different authors. The same thought expressed in two different books will be clear for a novel lover in case he or she reads a novel and will be completely not understandable in case this person will read a fantasy book. People need different genres like they need different words to understand.

Newspapers worth reading in case

December 8, 2009

Newspapers worth reading in many cases, and that’s why there are so much people in the world who read newspapers every day. And that is why there is a special teenage service that delivers you your newspaper every single day. When you wake up in the morning and open the door of your house there is always a newspaper waiting for you, at least in case you were not asking for they stop bringing you your newspapers. So, there is a newspaper and there is news in it and this is the main source of morning information for a number of people in the world. Newspapers worth reading in case you have enough of time in the morning for reading. You are seating at home, having your cup of coffee and reading your newspaper. You can find out about the latest news in the world from that newspaper and that is why you like it and that is why you read it every day in the morning. Reading newspaper is a common thing for people. And there are actually special newspapers that deal with the only sphere of this life like Financial Times or something.

Philosophic novel

November 19, 2009

There are numbers of books in the world and all those books are of different genres. People chose just the genre they like most of all and they are free to chose any book they like. As for me it is the philosophic novel that is the best genre of all possible. It is always a story of one person and it is a story based on feelings and emotions and thoughts of people. As a rule it is not the plot of the novel that is of great importance but those thoughts of the main character. See, the plots of such a novel is just a background for those feelings and those deepest thoughts people have. There are a lot of different characters in the novel and each character is like an implementation of some peculiar human feature. Though, there are no such characters that would be strictly of positive or negative nature. Each character of the philosophic novel is a tiny world of blended polarities and they are conditions that make people reveal this or that feature of their character. And the main character is always the whole truth about people and their souls and their nature.

Read now!!!

March 18, 2009

Most people will pick up a book and read it when they bored, off to the can or used as a distraction while traveling. There are some that really make reading an art or at least a dedicated hobby. They will have a special spot in the home, on the front porch or in the backyard. There will often be a special beverage and perhaps a special treat that goes along with the activity. These dedicated readers will make the time to read and just squeeze it in when they can. The families of these special breed of people know not to bother them unless it is a critical emergency.

The selection of the book can occur in many ways. It could be the most popular book that everyone is reading for the month or it could be a book recommended by a friend. Often the dedicated reader will have a growing list, so there will never be a time when the reader is without a book. After the book, there are other intricacies that come into play when reading a book. There is the perfect light at the perfect wattage and the perfect angle, so that there is no glare on the pages. There is the perfect chair, one important piece of furniture that is so comfortable that one can lose themselves in it. And some might insist on a particular outfit while reading, such as a comfy robe or the perfectly soft pair of sweatpants.

There are other accessories that could be included by the ones listed are the absolute necessities. It may be a personal choice as to the instruments but the intensity and devotion are all the same.

Reading Matters

March 2, 2009

Have you ever thougt how many millions of people in the world every day open any printed material and read it. Some of them read the first page of the newspaper, others at least romantic storyand the third ones read the whole novel. And it is not important why they read. We think that there are different reasons for reading. For example reading helps to relax, to distract from daily routine, to learn something new, to know the latest news. Sometimes people read just for fun. Readers are taking books from the libraries, buying them in the book shops, downloading them from the internet and sometimes even borrow the books from friends. By the way some scientists believe that reading aloud can even affect somehow on the plants growth.
But of course not everyone likes reading. There are men and women who like to spend their free time by watching TV. They find it much more interesting and less time consuming.
In the future, we hope that people will read more and more fiction, and at least one member of a family will know who Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare and Oscar Wild are.


December 26, 2008

When people become old, they begin to reconsider their life and analyze their actions and deeds. Usually the result of these thoughts and reminiscences is writing memoirs. Memoirs of famous people are published and very quickly gain great popularity. They become very popular because they are a wonderful opportunity to learn unknown facts from history and life of a person, who writes them. We live and try to understand the world around us; we try to explain the events, which happen in social sphere, politics and economy. However, despite all democratic achievements, we still feel lack of information and understand that many facts of behind-the-scenes policy are hidden form public. However, we learn these facts with the lapse of time, when the main participants of political games become old and kind and they have no reasons any more to hide their secrets.
Memoirs are very a good material for learning history. It is much easier to remember the plot of an essay, that a dull and bare paragraph from a history textbook. People, who write memoirs, are living history and their life stories are very valuable for coming generations. By means of these life stories we learn the past and at the same time learn to build our future. When you read them you plunge into this atmosphere and experience all events described there as if you are a participant of those events. If like reading, don’t forget to read memoirs. Remember, that once you will be old and maybe you will write memoirs yourself. That is why read them and learn to write them yourself.

Reading and life

December 3, 2008

I am sure there are many people, for whom it is interesting to read articles about reading. I think that reading and everything connected with it is still attractive for many people, not only elderly and middle-aged ones, but also for youngsters. Articles about reading consist not only in discussing different books, novels, stories, etc. They also consider reading as an occupation, a hobby, position of reading in our modern world of new technologies and innovations. Reading is one of the oldest occupations of the world. Different people have different views on the question about reading. While some think that it is obsolete, others argue that it is still popular nowadays and will be in future. Elderly people and some middle-aged ones still think that a person can’t do without reading. I wonder if representatives of young generation support this point of view or they disagree and think that reading is an old-fashioned and out-of-date business. If younger people read my articles, than things are not so bad as some people think. Influence of reading on people is magnificent. Unfortunately, this fact is underestimated by many people. However, its impact is comparable to other types of entertainment and in some cases it even exceeds them. The problem of free time is topical today and it often amends people’s occupations on weekends. People who are fond of reading are likely to spend all their free time with an interesting book. Others are likely to prefer some other leisure activities. Generalized psychological portrait of a person, who constantly reads something is a very interesting issue. Are they bores or this is simply a stereotype? It depends on a person and the reasons why he/she has become an active reader. Don’t confuse active readers with bookworms.

Favorite books

December 3, 2008

Many people have their favorite books. However, the amount of people, who have read at least one book in their life, decreases exponentially. Many people don’t like to read at all. This mostly refers to younger generations and children. There are also many people, who have read one book. For them it is not a difficult task to determine which book is their favorite one. I think you guess why. Fortunately, there are also people, who still read a lot, though this occupation is not very popular nowadays. I read a lot too. Once I thought what book was my favorite one and couldn’t choose, as there were many of them. Later on I left this useless business and now I don’t try to single out a book to my favorite one.
I don’t understand people, who have chosen one book to be their favorite one. There are so many interesting, exciting, amusing and wonderful books in the world! Is it really possible to single out one of them? I think that this is impossible. Besides, all interesting books differ from each other so much, that it is impossible to compare them. For example, how can one compare a historical novel and science fiction and determine which novel is the best one. This is strange and I think that those readers, who do have their favorite book, limit themselves consciously. They are obsessed with one book and it is very bad. It refers also to other spheres of life. It is harmful for any person to be obsessed with one thing and overlook the world around you.